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During the past twenty years I have become increasingly aware of the potential for gaining access to and understanding the human energy field. David Bohm, in his writings on this subject (Wholeness and the Implicate order. 2002. New York: Routledge Classics and a number of other books), presents a picture of reality, which he calls the "implicate order," where all events, past, present, and future, are part of an unbroken web and are embedded or enfolded in a space even richer than the "explicate order" that is perceptible to our senses and more usual awareness. I have found, to my joy and utter amazement, that it is possible, using inner listening and my hands as dowsing tools, to enter this energy field that permeates and surrounds the physical body-in fact, surrounds and unites everything in the universe.

I do not see this ability as at all unique to myself but a latent capacity that can be tapped by many people in order to better understand the basic patterns of their lives. Further, I believe that in just a few years this ability will be considered not as paranormal but as a completely usual modality for enhancing our human potential.

It has been equally fascinating to be able to observe the ways in which the universe speaks to us humans in ways innumerable-through the exquisite patterning of hand, foot, ear, and eye, each reflective of the state of the whole; through the extended use of the senses possible for many people; through the elaborate patterns of nature perceived by our American Indian brothers and sisters, yet largely unnoticed by our more "civilized" society. More and more I am coming to appreciate that the whole is accessible through any of its innumerable parts.

In my investigation so far I have been able to see that the energy field contains the most elaborate patterning imaginable, indicating in great detail a person's biological, psychological, and spiritual history. It is not required that a person be physically present in order for his or her information to be revealed nor is it necessary to limit observations to the present moment-past, present, and future are all held together in one indissoluble whole.

I believe that knowledge of the energy field can extend enormous benefits and breadth to the work of many healers of mind and body. In the psychotherapeutic situation it can speed up the process of self-discovery and disclosure. In the medical arts it can be extremely useful in diagnosis and even a valuable aid to treatment and healing. So far I have glimpsed the potential of the energy field to reveal all sorts of useful information to anyone wishing to learn how to access it. The rewards are truly awe-inspiring.

Here I wish to emphasize that I do not in any way consider myself to possess unusual "psychic" abilities. Rather, I feel that I have discovered techniques and tools that, one day soon, will be as acceptable to professional people as meditation and therapeutic touch are today. My husband Jean was privileged one summer to participate in the Academy of Consciousness at Princeton University where Professors Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne were conducting controlled experiments to demonstrate the human mind's ability to perceive and affect information about remote geographical locations by processes that appear to be independent of physical time and space. The work of Jahn and Dunne is proving extremely valuable in introducing the scientific community to the potential of the human energy field.

Whenever anyone ventures "near the fringe," there are bound to be barriers subtle and not so subtle placed in the way by the doubters and nay-sayers. Practicing with the energy field involves risk at every step (but so does work with drugs or rocket science!). Many people simply cannot believe that so much can be discovered by an ordinary person. I feel, personally, that great spiritual consolation comes from the knowledge that we are known in the universe and that, consequently, we are never alone. I believe that everything that ever was or will be is in some way held and upheld in the unity that I perceive to be God and that, in due course, obstacles to these new practices will be overcome.



Originally called Thought Field therapy (TFT), this is an easy, painless, non-invasive, and highly effective treatment for a number of different emotional and psychological problems such as irrational fear, anxiety, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), phobia, trauma, or panic.

Discovered over thirty years ago by California psychologist Roger Callahan, Ph.D., EFT involves bringing to mind a problem and gently tapping points on the body related to the acupuncture meridians in a specific order. This procedure is done by the patient him- or herself under the direction of the practitioner.

This is a simple, drug-free treatment, which does not require discussing the problem, does not interfere with medications or other healing modalities, and works very quickly, with relief often proving to be permanent.

This treatment is now being extended to work with physical illnesses as well through the work of Gary Craig, Steven Daniel and many others.

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