About Le Mée Studies

On this website you will find an eclectic variety of materials representing our interests, projects, and writings.



Jean Le Mee


presents Hymns from the Rig Veda and other Sanskrit studies; sacred geometry represented by the Millennium Sphere, created for the time capsule competition sponsored by The New York Times Magazine at the millennium; and a number of multi-media books and articles on engineering education and design done when he was Professor of Engineering at the Cooper Union in New York City.


In process is his work on the architecture of Chartres Cathedral. Presented here are three of his recent articles. There will be more to come.

Katharine Le Lee


presents her two books on Gregorian chant—Chant: The Origins, Form, Practice, and Healing Power of Gregorian Chant and The Benedictine Gift to Music as well as her doctoral thesis A Metrical Study of the Poetry of Marie de France. Information is also given about her interest in healing modalities such as Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and accessing the human energy field.