Design, Illusion and Reality Fall 1997: Governors Island

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Many of the links originally on this page have been removed because the sites they linked to are no longer maintained. The remaining links have been kept for archival purposes, there is no guarantee they are maintained.

Architecture From Without by Diane Agrest 1991 MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Incorporations edited by Jonathan Crary and Sanford Winter 1992 Zone Books, New York

Architecture of Fear edited by Nan Ellin 1997 Princeton Archtectural Press, New York

Nature and the idea of the man-made world by Norman Crowe 1995 MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Techniques of the Observer by Jonathan Crary An October Book, MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts

Thinking about Exhibitions edited by Reesa Greenberg, Bruce W. Ferguson, Sandy Nairne

S,M,L,XL by Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau The Monacelli Press, Inc, New York 1995 ISBN 1-885254-01-6

Learning from Las Vegas by Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour MIT Press, Cambridge Massachusetts

Speed and Politics by Paul Virilio Semiotext(e) Columbia University, New York

The Dialectics of Seeing (Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project) by Susan Buck-Morss 1989 MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Power of the City/ The City of Power, exhibition catalog1992 the Whitney Museum of American Art (Independent Study Program)

The Power of Maps by Denis Wood 1992 The Guildford Press, New York, Lodon

The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges

The Garden of the Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges

Invicible Cities by Italo Calvino

The City and the Stars - Arthur C. Clark science fiction paperback

The History of Private Lives

A Distant Mirror- Barbara Tuchman

The City of Collective Memory by M. Christine Boyer MIT Press, 1996 ISBN 0-262-52211-X

An Album of Maya Architecture by Tatiana Proskouriakoff University of Oklahoma Press ISBN 0-8061-0576-3

The Two Cities, Medieval Europe 1050-1320 by Malcolm Barber Routledge Press, 1992, 1992 ISBN 0-415-09682-0

Cities and Geology by Robert F. Legget 1973 ISBN 0-07-037062-1 McGraw-Hill, New York

City of Bits by William J. Mitchell, M.I.T.

The Republic by Plato

The City of God by St. Augustine

Description of Jerusalem by St. John (bible)


Lewis Mumford's Urban Studies Films
In 1964, Lewis Mumford created six beautiful 28-minute films based on his masterwork, The City in History.

The B&W films are now available on VHS videocassettes.
The deparment offers lecture series exploring issues including: "Shifting Trajectories," "Nomadism: Nomadic Structures," "Light Evolves Architecture," "Artificial Ecologies," "Mapping the Night," "Envisioning the City," "Material/Immaterial," "Redefining the Housing Question," and "Theories of Practice."

The department also co-sponsors symposia, design charrettes and competitions such as: "Housing: The Endangered Species" and "Social Responsibility in the Design Professions." The Lewis Mumford Lecture is given by noted critics and scholars such as Herbert Muschamp, architecture critic of The New York Times, Brendan Gill of The New Yorker, Richard Sennett of New York University and author of The Conscience of the Eye, and Elizabeth Wilson, author of The Sphinx in the City. The graduate seminar on Theory and Practice is a forum for visiting international architects and scholars.

The Entire "Story of Mesa Verde" (Note: This electronic edition of "The Story of Mesa Verde" has been reformatted from the original printed edition to better fit internet pages. However, all text and illustrations are included.)

Subject Index: Towns, Cities, and Places. Ancient Cities

is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece). It is intended primarily as a resource for students of classical languages, civilization, art, archaeology, and history at Indiana University who may wish to take a "virtual tour" of the chief excavated regions and extant monuments. We also hope that this site will be useful to all who have an interest in archaeological exploration and the recovery, interpretation, and preservation of the past.

COURSE The Classical City CLCV 222

This course was last taught in Spring 1995 by Hugh Elton.


The city, from the creation of urban units in early Greece, the establishmentof tyrannies and democracies, the expansion first through colonization, thenthrough the conquests of Alexander. Athens. Development of urbanization inItaly, non-Greco-Roman cities (Etruscan, Carthaginian/Phoenician, Persian).

Roman colonies. Rome. Romanisation and spread of urbanism in west.Constantinople. the late Roman city. Transformation of classical world.

by Michael Greenhalgh


~440 BC
THE HISTORY OF HERODOTUS by Herodotus translated by George Rawlinson

Poland's Best-known Attraction Well-preserved chambers Krakow Salt Works Museum Works of Art in Salt

Cities 190: Some web resources on cities in history:

INCREDIBLE LINKS, examples below:

«atal H,y,k --T. Ritchey, Cambridge U. Eng. Dept. (with QTVR movie at /media.html)

Material Culture of Ancient Palestine --J. R. Abercrombie, U. Pennsylvania

Ancient World Web --Julia Hayden, U. Virginia

The Ancient City of Athens --K. T. Glowacki and N. L. Klein, Indiana U.

Unguided Tour of Pompeii --Richard Frankel, U. California, Berkeley Hadrian's Baths at Leptis Magna --B. Rattenbury

ArchNet: Internet Resources for Hist. Archaeology --T. Plunkett & J. Lizee, U. Conn.

The Imperial Shrine of Ise, Japan -- L. Sentosa, Georgia Tech

Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu--Angus McIntyre

Chaco Canyon --Chaco Communications

Levantine Castles --B. Ludvigsen, E. Wardini, Ostfold College, Norway

46-47 Steep Hill (Norman House, Lincoln) --Lisa Donel, Lincoln Archaeology Unit

Bath, present, medieval, & future --Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture, Bath

Firenze - Ponte Vecchio --THAIS (?), Italy

The Development of the Kremlin --"Window to Russia," Relecom, Moscow

La Habana Colonial --M. Coyula, Periferia, Carribean Architectural Resources


San Juan. Historia ilustrada, 1508-1898 --A.S. Rivera, Periferia

Building A New Spain in Santa Barbara --Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation

Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeology Project --Assn. for Preserv. of Va.


Maulbronn Monastery, Baden-Wuerttemberg --W. M. Werner, Stuttgart

Inigo Jones's London --Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture, Bath

Maps of Paris, 1717-1887 --B. Bergdoll, Columbia U.

Charleston, SC, Historic District --D. Beagle, The Charleston Multimedia Project

Buildings of Federal Hill, Lynchburg, VA --T. Hughes, Lynchburg

The History of Architecture in Montreal --Save Montreal

City of Bits --William J. Mitchell, M.I.T.