GlobeTech simulation development takes place in the spring and summer prior to the fall semester’s simulation. Development includes the selection by the professor of two simulation topics (or more, if there are many teams) based on important current technical issues and the creation by selected students of the simulation website with scenario, schedule and links to various research and information sites. [View GlobeTech VII site] During this time engineering schools from around the world are invited to participate as a team in the simulation.

The preparation of the Requests for Proposals occurs at the beginning of the simulation by the designated student team.
[View GlobeTech VII Requests for Proposals]
[Watch video of a GlobeTech III Request for Proposal student presentation]

After the Requests for Proposals are submitted and posted to the Internet, teams prepare Proposals in response to the requests.
[View GlobeTech VII Proposals]
[Watch video of a GlobeTech III Proposal student presentation]

The preparation of Requests for Proposals and Proposals involves:

  • researching the political, business, technological conditions in one or several countries
  • correspondence with various equipment and engineering services vendors to get technology and cost information
  • finalizing the processes and equipment to be used, management structure and project costs
  • writing complete professional level Requests for Proposals and Proposals
Next the RFPs and Proposals are thoroughly discussed and negotiated via Bulletin Board Discussions and Internet Chat. After the Proposals are revised based on this discussion the RFP teams award contracts to the selected Proposal teams and the simulation is concluded.
[View GlobeTech VII Contract Awards]