The Global Technology Management Simulation, GlobeTech, is an original Curriculum Innovation and Development project which has been developed and conducted yearly for seven years at The Cooper Union under the auspices of the Gateway Engineering Education Coalition. Its main purpose is to familiarize the undergraduate engineering students with the application of global technology management and negotiation principles by using an International Joint-Venture Project Internet Negotiation Simulation as the main learning tool.

Globetech was developed by Professor Roxanne Jacoby as a lab component for the EID-372, “Global Perspectives in Technology Management” course. The course and the various GlobeTech simulation topics have been specifically created to develop students’ professional knowledge and skills desirable for 21st century engineering, such as:

  • Leadership and team work skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong ethics and sense of values
  • Awareness of the workings of the global economy, environmental issues, and the need for sustainable development
  • Stronger collaboration with student teams from other disciplines and schools
  • And the use of the Internet as a research and communication tool

GlobeTech aims to familiarize engineering students with the real and very complex political, economical, social, financial, and technical issues influencing global technology decisions, thus better preparing them for a future of increased globalization.