Smart Street Concept

Sketch of proposed Smart Street Kiosk

The Smart Street Kiosk was designed by collaboration between three Gateway Schools (Cooper Union, Polytechnic University and Florida International University). Students worked together to form a proposal to produce a system for pedestrians to access public facilities, information, and other common needs in a compact, accessable and efficient way. The basis of the project is the placement of Smart Street structures at key locations, such as Rockefeller Center and The World Trade Center, throughout New York City. These structures encompass all of the pedestrians’ needs within a compact area, making the streets more convenient and less cluttered. While the citizens benefit, the city will too in that it will make a profit from these structures with no initial investment by the government. All money necessary to erect such structures will be supplied by investors who also stand to make a large profit. The concept of a Smart Street is revolutionary and promises to change the way in which pedestrians view the streets.

View a student report describing the design, cost and revenue of the Smart Street Concept

Smart Street Proposal [PDF file]

View student's present their design for Smart Street Concept
Student Presentation [Real Media file]

View website created for class use
Smart Street Website [HTML file]