Design, Illusion and Reality
Fall 1998

BRIDGES - links, machines, metaphors and snyapses

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Alexander's Bridge by Willa Cather

The Bridge Collective - Poetry.

Readers and Writer - Bridging Literacy and LIterature

The Fairy Tale Project: a Multimedia Bridge from Language to Literature

cognitive science and literary theory

Bridging the Gap - Mark Turner

Bridge Management Systems
Literature Review and Search Prepared by Edward Czepiel Northwestern University BIRL Industrial Research Laboratory

NOVA - Build a Bridge --

NOVA's bridge links at are as follows:

The Clark Bridge, Alton Illinois

A photo history of the bridge featured in the NOVA program Super Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

The history of the Golden Gate bridge and take a virtual stroll from the Marin side of the bridge across to San Francisco.

American Society of Civil Engineers.

A site for engineering professionals with information on publications, job openings, educational programs, conferences, and other industry resources.

Association for Bridge Construction and Design

Learn about the activities of this organization devoted to improving the science of bridge design, construction, and maintenance.

Bridge Research: Leading the Way to the Future

An article from the Turner Fairbanks Highway Research Center discussing the importance of research in maintaining America's bridges.

Clearinghouse for Infrastructure: Bridge Information

Links to articles and other resources on bridge research, design, legislation, construction, management, and much more

Bridge Engineering Links

An extensive list of links to industry events, associations, companies, gov ernment agencies, and more.

Matsuo Bridge Company

A site profiling an innovative 72-year-old Japanese bridge company with a photo catalog of its bridges and descriptions of bridge construction methods.

Finley McNary Engineers

Check out every bridge around the nation built by this award winning firm that specializes in design and construction engineering for large prestressed concrete segmental and c able-stayed bridges.

The Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

The different theories of what cause the Tacoma Narrows Bridge c ollapse.

Portland Cement Association.

A tour through the cement making process, read the latest news in the concrete industry, and take the cement pond quiz.

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute

An organization dedicated to fostering greater understanding and use of precast/prestressed concrete. Web site offers the opportunity to search for a for a concrete producer in your area and learn about the uses of precast/prestressed concrete in many types of c onstruction projects.


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High School Project bet. Mathematics, Science and English departments.

Pennsylvania Covered Bridge Tour