In addition to the creation of an interdisciplinary course, EID111 Design Illusion and Reality, Robotics and Theater, there were other significant outcomes from Gateway support.

For the first time in Cooper Union history, the Engineering School participated in the 2002 End-of-Year Student Exhibition at Cooper Union. The Department of Mechanical Engineering presented a telerobotic installation by graduate students Marcin Balicki and James Cruickshanks.

Faculty applied for a National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation Award Abstract) award and was granted an Award (Grant No.DUE 9980873). That award and support from the Gateway Engineering Education Coalition, enabled the construction of a permanent telerobotic space at Cooper Union to be used as both a robotics and telerobotics lab. Equipment was purchased (NSF Major Equipment Purchase), a lab was constructed (Lab Layout and Lab Reconstruction), to create The Robotic Renaissance Theater at The Cooper Union, a permanent telerobotic virtual and physical performance space at Cooper Union.

Faculty member and artist Adrianne Wortzel was commissioned by The Whitney Museum of American Art to create a telerobotic installation ( Camouflage Town) for the exhibition DATA DYNAMICS at the Whitney from March 10-June 22, 2001, This project was developed at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art with a grant from the National Science Foundation grant (Grant No.DUE 9980873) and support from the Gateway Engineering Education Coalition.