From the ocean and its waves
Then the year was generated-
A pointer of the days and nights
Ruler of all mortal beings


by Jean Le Mée


In the few weeks available during the course of the project there was no time to elaborate on the principles and the methods used in the design. A more thorough presentation is now possible. This possibility and the desire of many viewers to get acquainted with the principles of design and the meaning of the Millennium Sphere has now prompted the present work which specifically addresses the geometry of the sphere. It is therefore not a work of mathematical speculation on the platonic forms aiming at abstract generalized formulation but the reflections of a designer attempting to clarify in his own mind the intricate and beautiful connections existing in some apparently simple figures.

What it brings out however is a "view from the center" that considerably simplifies and unifies the understanding of the structure of all regular polyhedra–convex and stellated–and integrates it quite naturally into a rich tradition of speculative thought be it geometrical, musical, astronomical or philosophical that has been part of our intellectual heritage for centuries.

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